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Do you guys ship to my country?

* We ship to all over the world, yes, everywhere.

How do I pay?

* We accept Paypal, and credit card through Paypal

You do not need a Paypal to use their credit card system.

I do not have Paypal or Credit Card

* Please leave us a message on our fan page message box: www.facebook.com/leaguememes

We can try some alternative but it might be confusing!

Such as : Bank Transfer, Money Order, Western Union ETC.

How much is it with shipping and how long?

* Prices are in USD:  

International(Outside of US and Canada): 4.78 Euro - 6 Euro depending on the quantity.

USA: $3 - 5 depending on the quantity

Canada : $2 - 4 depending on the quantity.

Will you guys make more bands?

* Yes we will indeed! Please send us your ideas through contact box. 

What's so special about the "Special Edition Bands"

The special edition bands are for the folks who wanted these specific color.

Originally there was two colors that the fans could not decide upon.. but eventually the primary color has been chosen. 

1) The band color will never be made again with the name or logo
2) It has Special Edition 2013 inside the band (this only matters if you are a fan of Leaguememe)

Do you offer tracking on packages?

Yes we do only if you pay for it. You can only get tracking if you email us and ask for a quote. I do not recommend trackign for anywhere outside of Canada or US because the pricing is ridicious in Canada.